Mã sản phẩm : 201911-0006
Origin : USA
Manufacturer : Surgiform USA
Distributor in Vietnam : Thallo jsc
Material : 100% ePTFE
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Preformed 100% ePTFE implants are ideal for most facial augmentation applications. Surgiform’s Controlled Tissue Integration (CTI) Technology encourages small-tissue ingrowth that improves implant anchoring and provides a predictable surgical outcome.


Aside from being inert and biocompatible, ePTFE can be configured to provide varied amounts of tissue integration. PureForm Facial Implants are designed to provide controlled tissue integration (CTI) for the purpose of stabilizing our implants.

The micro-structure of the implant surface is optimized to facilitate soft tissue in-growth while ensuring that the implant can be easily explanted with blunt dissection. CTI design minimizes the formation of a fibrotic capsule, providing a consistent and predictable surgical outcome, as well as a high level of patient satisfaction.

Ideal Facial Implant Surgiform (PureForm)
100% ePTFE, not coated. Carve without removing the ePTFE layer as compared to the competition v
Micro-porous CTI Technology promotes tissue in-growth, reducing migration, erosion, and scarring as compared to silicone implants v
Pre-formed 3-D Shapes in multiple sizes (chins, nasal, malar, and para-nasal) v
Predictable augmentation with reduced tissue response as compared to silicone implants v
Easily explanted with blunt dissection v
Provided sterile v
Easily carved for a custom fit v



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