Mã sản phẩm : 201911-0005
Origin : Korea
Manufacturer : Bistool
Distributor in Vietnam : Thallo jsc
Material : Silicone (FDA Approved)
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  • Minimization of carving
  • By using thin and soft wing shape, increasing the adhesion between bone and cartilage
  • Double hardness material: Hard silicone (bony dorsum) & soft silicone
  • Natural line from glabella to nasal tip
  • Slim side lines of nose (made by Liquid Silicone Rubber mold)
  • Great Outcomes: High satisfactions by patients
  • More than 50 different designs are ready to use for all types of nose shape

Bistool implant

  • Root is curved along the line that makes it look natural.
  • For Asians with lower glabellas, inclination will meet just by implanting without 2nd operation.
  • - Single inclination(soft )- Double inclination(soft+hard) It minimizes stimulation of skin organization and dead space. It also gives natural feel by providing softmaterial with exception to the area surrounding bony dorsum.
  • Time saver due to only half carving required. Minimize any possible implants that may stay using soft and thin materials, which would increase the adhesion between bone and cartilage.
  • Correct sizes are already disclosed at the bottom of all products.
  • Possibility of getting dead space on the expertness of the carving skill and silicone inclination


Hard silicone in the bony dorsum & soft silicone in the rest of the implant Hard silicone gives a feeling of the nasal bone


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