Mã sản phẩm : 201911-0003
Origin : Mỹ
Manufacturer : Motiva
Distributor in Vietnam : Thallo jsc
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TrueMonobloc® with unique shell-gel interphase: Strength and Flexibility

  • Flexible, multilayer system that links all the components of the shell to create a single structure
  • Chemical composition creates a unique highly adherent shell-gel interphase
  • Ease of insertion
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Outstanding safety profile


  • The Only Breast Implant with a visual safety barrier indicator for improved quality  control
  • Patented visual safety indicator that  allows surgeons to assure  the integrity  of the entire  implant  shell
  • Bluseal®   is only available  with Motiva Implants® which prevents the release of defective products

SmoothSilk® also known  as SilkSurface®:  A Bioengineered Cell Friendly  Surface

  • Less bacterial adhesion1  and  less friction2  for reduce inflammation
  • Reduced risk of biofilm, seroma, double capsule, capsular contracture and  potentially BIA-ALCL3-6No tissue  in-growth

ProgressiveGel™ ULTIMA®: Unique  Rheology

  • The highest elastic and viscoelastic deformation values, which translate into a softer  and more  adaptable gel.

Motiva® Ergonomix®

  • Ergonomy is derived from two greek terms. Ergon meaning work and  Nomoi meaning natural  law.
  • With this in mind,  the concept of Motiva® Ergonomix® Implants  highlights the importance of linking quality  designed products with natural human  laws.
  • By creating an adaptive and  state of the art gel-shell interphase that  acts in accordance to the movement of the human  body, the Motiva®   Ergonomix® Implant  provides an optimized1 and  safe alternative product for patients searching for the implant  with the most natural look and  feel.

Q Inside™ Safety Technology

  • Q Inside® Safety Technology is an FDA cleared1 passive  radio  frequency component with an unlimited lifespan. It provides patients with unique rights never  available  before, enabling quick identification of important implant  details including the serial number, implant  type, dimensions and  manufacturing date.
  • MRI is possible with breast implants with Q Inside® Safety  Technology
  • Motiva Implants® with Q Inside® Safety Technology are safe under Magnetic Resonance Imaging  (MRI) with static magnetic field of 1.5-Tesla and  3-Tesla and  compatible with all imaging modalities that  could  be required to study  a clinical condition or to assess the implants integrity.
  • Safety  and  performance of Motiva  Implants® with Q Inside® Safety  Technology According to international standards, safety and  performance of Motiva Implants® with Q Inside® Safety Technology were satisfactory when evaluated under 1.5T and 3T potencies.
  • Q Inside® Safety Technology, cleared by the US Food  & Drug Administration (FDA) in 2004 for implantation in humans2 meets with the current  recommendations to safely mark implants with a unique device identification to satisfy the highest regulatory and  quality controls.

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