Mã sản phẩm : 201912-0012
Origin : USA
Manufacturer : Puregraft
Distributor in Vietnam : Thallo jsc
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The Fat Transfer Experts

Puregraft fat grafting is changing the way aesthetic and reconstructive medicine is practiced, matching procedure results to patient demand. We’ve spent over a decade perfecting our filtration technology to deliver the only fat grafting system clinically validated to improve long-term graft retention. Differentiate your practice with predictable outcomes using superior fat.

Developed by some of the world’s foremost experts in adipose science, the Puregraft System was designed to standardize fat grafting, and address the procedure’s biggest weaknesses: inconsistency and unpredictability.

It is the only system proven to consistently remove 97% of excess components, and significantly improve long-term retention.

* Source : ASAPS 2014 Fat Grafting Survey

Engineered for Perfection
Puregraft’s selective filtration technology gently dialyzes the harvested fat, removing only blood, oil, fluid, and fragmented cells within a closed system.

The result is a concentrated graft of healthy, viable fat cells

The Puregraft Difference

Traditional methods fat graft preparation are not effective at removing contaminants which cause decreased retention.

Data published in a peer-reviewed article comparing Puregraft to centrifugation and the decant method show consistently lower contaminant levels in Puregraft.
Microscopic appearance of the fat also shows significantly more purified and concentrated viable adipocytes using the Puregraft technology.

Over 10 years of development and thousand’s of tissue samples, Puregraft’s performance has been optimized to deliver high quality graft in every syringe and every patient.

10 to 15 minutes to process volumes between 50 – 850 mL.

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