Mã sản phẩm : 201912-0007
Origin : USA
Manufacturer : Motiva Imagine
Distributor in Vietnam : Thallo jsc
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The latest generation 3D scanner and simulation system from AX3 Technologies. It is the alignment of customer needs with world-class design and the latest computing and 3D image capture technologies. The result is functional art that brings the best of high technology to your practice. 

Elegance and Precision Combined

Combining clean colors, minimalist soft angles and curves, Divina™ emanates elegant presence.

Every functional and aesthetic element has been chosen for its peformance and durability.

3D Simulation Platform

  • Intel  RealSense™ : Uses an IR laser to capture millions of point cloud measurements and create a digital body cast in seconds.
  • TBS™–Tissue Behavior Simulation: Automatically defines skin elasticity, muscle and glandular tissue to enable simulations that react as the body does.
  • i3 – Intuitive Interface Intelligence: Software that is easy to use and works in real time.
  • Image Control: Divina™ is scientific, precise and accurate. The patient views the result of her own 3D body cast and leaves your practice with a definitive visual of what she could look like post surgery.
  • Automated Accurate Anatomical Measurements: Simplifies volumetric measurements and records clinical data for reference quickly and efficiently.

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