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By incorporating the AX3 3D Simulation into a practice workflow, our aim is to give surgeons, patient coordinators and patients the following benefits;

Put patient at ease

• Patient clothed

• Comfortable environment

• Builds trust

Educate the Patient

•  Surgical techniques

•  Available Implant choices

•  Possible scarring

•  Potential benefits and risks

•  Impact of size on their physique

Build Confidence in the Outcome

•  Demonstrate skill and experience

•  Accurately demonstrate the outcome of a particular choice

•  Set and agree expectations

•  Examine outcome from any angle

Facilitate dialog by;

•  Objective discussion

•  Visually analyze and describe issues such as asymmetry and ptosis

•  Critique a detached image rather than their own naked body 

Ease / expedite Decision Making by;

•  Displaying multiple outcomes for discussion

•  Explain small volume changes

•  Demonstrate optional refinements

Quantify measurements

•  Assist in planning surgery

•  Selection of appropriate devices

•  Quantify Asymmetry

Patient Choice

•  Making the right decision first time

•  Reducing revision surgery rates

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